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The various sections in this book can be easily reorganized and the student would still learn valuable information with being confused. Although I might have organized the chapters in a slightly different order. I find that the book consistently addresses strategies for being a successful student. In my opinion, the text is a compilation of materials from different authors.
We’ve got the textbooks, reference books, materials and supplies you need for every course. Campus Books recommends students to sell their books back during the off season to get the most money back. textbooks This is usually in the months of August and January during the back-to-school rush. All Bookstores, and others to save yourself some time and avoid spending more money on textbooks than you have to.

No financial benefits would come from making your own lunches and snacks. Several generalizations are made about the differences between High School teachers and College teachers, which may or may not be accurate. The many references to high school make non-traditional students/home-schooled students seem like outsiders to the composition of a college classroom.
I have not had any real problems outside of the fact that I do not teach the class in the order of the text. I find it to be comprehensive and relevant to the various subjects. Some students do have trouble reading the text online and have to print it out so that option is a benefit as well. I was very excited to find an OER this complete and easy to access.

Additionally, McGraw-Hill’s will be set up through the professors teaching classes. Wiley has a form on its website where professors can request free access to course assets and resources for the remainder of this semester. Student Monitor, only about 11% of college students have bought e-textbooks.
Materials’ cost can vary based on your course load and educational needs; this calculator is intended to help you estimate savings for Cengage materials purchasable on For further information about our products including Cengage Unlimited, click here. The survey results yield two main insights of potential benefit to universities interested in implementing digital textbooks. In 2012, 75 percent of participants claimed that instructors seldom or never used the features within the particular e-textbook.
If one chooses to teach the topics in a different order, it would be easy for both the instructor and student to navigate. Used books are purchased twice a year, at the end of the fall and spring semesters, during exams week. The prices offered are based on resale demand, whether at Howard Community College or the national wholesale market.

The PDF version of the textbook does not have a table of contents nor do the first few pages of the chapters include page numbers. The table of contents, particularly where sections are specifically listed, would ease the task of instructor and student in knowing where to actually begin/end the assigned reading. A good example is the “integrating reading into family” chart.
In fact, this is a text I could use for two of the courses I teach, because it covers so much. The text covers the important areas of college success which are well organized in chapters. The only piece missing is a section on seeking out resources for success and support on campus.
Selecting e-textbooks with limited or DRM-free policies might encourage heightened access and adoption. Also, selecting textbooks offered in bundles supports any preferences students have. Have ever wished there was a place to go where someone could show you how to conduct research, correctly craft citations, write an engaging paper, or even make studying less stressful and more effective? You can register for as many workshops as you’d like; click here to view the monthly schedule for January. Participate in online workshops to develop and strengthen fundamental skills such as research, writing, digital skills, and study skills to help you succeed in your courses. You can book a one-on-one online appointment for research help.

The clearly identified learning outcomes articulated at the beginning of each chapter should be helpful to students seeking answers and strategies for success. Those who are familiar with student retention issues understand that a wide variety of factors may prevent students from progressing towards graduation. Information contained in general student success text books typically have a fairly long shelf life. I find it helpful to customize the text to the institution. Again, the general information doesn't change too much; however, connecting students to the institution and their academic departments early is critical for student success, retention and persistence.
Half Price Books is family owned with more than 120 brick-and-mortar stores across the country. It wants students to succeed, so there are always great deals on books, especially around the beginning of each semester. You can manually search by author, publisher, whether a book has free shipping, and your desired price range. Ebay, so it is easy to find the correct edition of the book you want. Textbook Solutions was founded by two Texas A&M graduates whose experience as students inspired them to save others money. has eTextbooks with multitasking multimedia as well as handouts to encourage you to form study groups and develop helpful studying tactics.

While not written at a high academic level, the text's language is consistent and is written at a level that readers at different levels will be comfortable reading. The different sections within each chapter provide opportunities for instructor's assessment, self-assessment, and feedback to measure progress. The text is consistent and it would be easy to assign different sections . The use of checkpoints and key concepts keeps the student focused on the important concepts explained in the chapter. Chapter 6 did not have the section at the end entitled Takeaways.
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