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There are two separate things called JungleScout. While Helium 10 and Viral Launch seem rather expensive, I have found them to be well worth the cost, as editing my listings based on the much more accurate data from Helium 10 and Viral Launch has had a huge impact on my Amazon sales - leading to a 49% year-on-year increase in sales since using these 2 tools in 2018.
If you're not happy paying for Jungle Scout's Chrome extension, here's a free alternative- the Scope Chrome extension. Like Viral Launch, AMZ Tracker offers sellers help with not only product research but also product jungle scout discount launches. Everybody loves this device and the Unicorn Smasher software for the product research makes its place on the leaderboard of the best software obtainable available in the market as a consequence of a reason.

Designed to provide leaders the ability to manage their customer data with filtering options and export features as well as set in-app alerts or emails with information about changes that affect their brand, discovering ways to improve customer engagement has never been easier.
They provide you all the necessary information like the prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on Amazon and make it easy to manage all of your research on their Dashboard which is packed with information you need to find money-making products.
To simplify the process of finding that ideal product for you, SellerApp's in-house algorithm has devised a metric known as opportunity score This comes in after analyzing 500 million data points across a broad spectrum of umpteen number of products.

Basically, it combs through details like the number of reviews, seller ranks, plus other critical parameters to inform you about the predicted sales numbers of a specified profitable products, and consequently rank it by its relative success potential.
Not comfortable about a number of the revenue margins of these products, obviously selling bodily merchandise means an enormous portion of your income has to go towards the price of products offered & securing one other bulk shipment from China, but in addition the fact that does such an excellent cancel jungle scout job at pinning you towards the competition with their product pages that listing rivals products as advice, your gross sales costs are very a lot dictated by the competition and as extra competitors join Amazon FBA, the costs, typically, are happening for many niches.

If you are looking to get niche ideas and find potential Amazon products then you will need the web app Then once you have a list of product ideas or keywords to search for, a tool like the Chrome Extension will help you evaluate them in more detail.
And yes, it's capable of accurate product research and sales estimation. It was pretty interesting to look through the raw data and see that the majority of the time, the tools underestimate sales instead of overestimating. Also available as a chrome extension, Jungle Scout provides you with real data on products currently for sale on Amazon.
Then it's time for Amazon + Jungle Scout. Keyword research as you know is a crucial part of Amazon FBA. The Jungle Scout Webinars are great because they answer the questions that all of us Amazon sellers have as we are on this journey. Use our free Amazon sales estimator to get accurate and free sales volume data for any product on Amazon.

It works in a fashion similar to the JS Chrome Extension, but it also gives you access to a dashboard from where you can manage your searches. Apart from that, you'll also face a threat from your own customers in form of negative reviews that some of them might drop on your products.
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